Ever since the Liberty Island incident, Jean knew that something wasn’t quite right with her. After returning to the mansion and trying to go back to her usual routine as a professor and doctor at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, she couldn’t help but notice small differences in how she was now compared to who she was prior to the mission. Her focus was off, her thoughts were at times scattered, and she found herself taking more risks while flying the Blackbird and training in the Danger Room than usual. Yet, what scared her most was just how many nightmares she was having.

At first, they began like any other repetitive dream, only happening every once in a while. Then, as time went on, they became more frequent and she found herself waking up during the very early hours of the morning with an overwhelming sense of fear and worry that something terrible was soon about to happen. However, unable to remember much about what she had actually seen, heard, or experienced while she was asleep, Jean was completely clueless as to what exactly made her believe this. She found her own abilities to be useless in aiding her when trying to find the answer to it and many more questions she had about them. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t normal.

Still, Jean did what she thought was the only rationale thing for her to do. She went on spending her days in the classroom and down in the lab of the lower level acting as if nothing was wrong and that she hadn’t had a restless night and premonition-like thoughts. Jean only wondered how long she could pull off the act and how long it would take for her to discover, if indeed it was true, what exactly was worrying her so.